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So apparently you guys are having an outage with the portal and the way you have your phone system designed is so terribly cumbersome that even your sales operators can’t get through to anyone to figure out what the issue is. You can’t open a support ticket or call in, can’t modify any portal settings for VPN functionality and I have a phone system that miraculously no longer connects over VPN at the same time.

You can’t claim a partial outage on your status page when in fact every element of the management and cloud portion is offline and your phone system is designed in a way that people get literally ZERO ability to get support when your system is screwed up.

I’m sorry that the database outage is making things difficult for you. Please rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to get the systems back online and help our community and our customers. In the meantime, the forums are working – so maybe we can use that to help you get answers to your support questions in the meantime?

Hi Jarded,

I see the issue has now gone from Partial Outage to Major Outage now.

My problem and I don’t know if coincidental or not is that none of the phones our client had configured for VPN usage are working. I cannot get any support or modify my settings in the portal for provisioning and such to check there either.

So now we’ve been stuck all day with zero working phones at the site that uses the built in Sangoma VPN functionality.

Well this is great still can’t access Sangoma support portal. still have no access to get the phones back online and no actual word when it’ll be resolved so I’ve lost yet another entire day trying to troubleshoot an issue with Sangoma hardware… so since your portals down I have no idea if it’s an issue with provisioning, an issue with the VPN its self or something completely unrelated and you guys provide zero method of getting someone on the phone who can actually help or give an answer… since your support system is also down

Fantastic… wow

So now the system is completely down thanks to your system outage. After checking for module upgrades to make sure I had the latest patches incase this was causing a problem apparently since your backend is screwed up it’s also hosing the module upgrade process.

During the upgrade the GUI crapped out at the oembranding module, then when running the upgrade via the CLI for all the modules it finishes them all and craps out again for OEMBranding and I still can’t access the GUI now.

So basically an entire day of making negative progress.

 Tried to update DDNS with {"deploymentname":"","hash":"","publish_ddns":"true","endpoin  
  t_proto":"http","endpoint_port":84,"distro_version":"12.7.6-1910-1.sng7","failsafe_version":""}, crashed with {"result":false,"message":"System currentl  
  y under maintenance. You can check the current status of our applications in the following URL: <a href='https:\/\/\/' target='_blank'>https:  

Support and portal are back up now @edricksmith. As soon as you have a ticket number pm it to me and we’ll get you sorted.

It’s natural to wonder how an online module update seemed like the logical choice when you can see that Sangoma’s portal and online infrastructure are utterly hosed up…

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