TFTPBOOT directory on Freepbx (HELP)

So here is something we did. We added the firmware files, of the phones in use, to this directory. We then configured the Grandstream phones to pull their FW from the phone server, using the ip address, of the phone server (TFTP Firmware server path). The phones now pull the new FW from that location, but we have no control on when it happens. The Grandstream phones have tweaks under “upgrade and provisioning” but I don’t think they work with the way we have it setup. We want to control time and day of upgrade.

Help would be nice.

What is it you’re actually trying to do? I’m unclear on why you feel compelled to control this… Are you talking about configuration files or firmware (since they are different things)?

How have you set it up?

TFTP is not a particularly “robust” protocol - the first T stands for “Trivial”. It isn’t designed to be a precision tool.

automatic firmware update on the phones. Sorry for confusion.

Let me know what you think.

You have the phones set up to check about once a week (around 1AM on Monday, I think) to see if there are new firmware files (the operating code for the phone) and to automatically install them if there are.

In the “Config” section, you have the phones set up to use the HTTP protocol to get the files, which (IIRC) goes to the webserver running under Asterisk and downloading the files. These files (once again, IIRC) are stored in the /tftpboot directory.

This all makes good sense, since the FreePBX server, out of the box, does not enable the TFTP service and relies on the HTTP (or maybe HTTPS) service to actually deliver the files.

So, what are you seeing that doesn’t jibe with all of this so far?

config section is blank. no settings besides having http button clicked. That day and time setting doesn’t seem to work right. I uploaded FW file to tftpboot directory, today, and it ran the FW update, today. It did not wait based on day and time settings.
Thats my issue and question.

Sounds more like a phone issue. You could submit a ticket and see if you’re running into a bug in EPM, but from here, I can’t think of anything in FreePBX that would have any effect on this…

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