TFTP Server cisco 7940

Hello everyone!

I am wanting to change the logo on my Cisco phone and am having trouble with the tftp server. Below is a screenshot please take a look and let me know if you have any ideas.

Cisco phones look for config files in /tftpboot directory and your tftp server should have this as the root directory of the server. From your screen shot it appears that all your files are located in ‘Phone files’ directory and that is why it cannot find any of the files.

… except for the files that are referenced in those XML config files. These are usually stored in a web service directory in a webserver in the local network. The Logo file you are trying to load has to match extremely specific requirements (size, color, encoding, depth) and must be readable from the webserver you specified in your XML config.

As pointed out by Dave, logo files are kept in /var/www/html and these files are referenced in the SIP.cnf file which should be in /tftpboot directory.

Op’s tftp log shows that the phone failed to download config files as they were not found in the /tftpboot directory and hence my comment above.

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