Texting from the office

I run a freepbx system.

I have 3 people in the office and they would like to use text messages. If possible we would use the office number for this and all people would share the same number.

And idea what I could use?

UCP with sipstation supports SMS to the DID

Thanks. Don’t know if I would get the okay to change our sip provider.

Is it possible to receive send send the same sms from more than one workstation? Like whoever is there can text?

You need a VSP that supports SMS on your DID’s , unless the underlying DID is supportive, you just can’t do that. If they are then you need to configure SMS messaging which is not a core function of Asterisk. Otherwise , you will need to pay for and use an SMS gateway for that functionality.

What is the best option if you aren’t using sipstation? My provider, Twilio, does support SMS and MMS but I can’t find an easy solution.

You’d have to make something to interface with Twilio. It’s not simple, but there appear to be several tutorials and documentation, one google away.