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Hi everyone. Have recently implemented web call back which works very well. I’d like to know how I can integrate “Text to Speech” with freepbx, so that when this feature is being used the user will hear “One moment while we connect your call”.

I would use a system recording for something static/generic (not dynamic).

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I see the Freepbx does have a text to speech engine built in. How does one go out about the generated to speech and add that???

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It is very bad, FYI.

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If you have fixed messages, and don’t have a human voice artist, you should do the text to speech offline, although, first, you should check the standard Asterisk repertoire, and see if you can use it, maybe with some tweaking to your requirements.


very simple, short message, just a few words. I’m trying to figure out how to tie that in to the call. Its already created and have set it to a Misc Destination as I created on while setting up a web call back profile. Now I just want to tie that message into the process.

A long time ago, I used Swift. That worked fine.
Now, I don’t use TTS any more.

If I remember correctly, you must install the binary, next, you must compil the Asterisk module for Swift.
It’s a little bite complicated, but finally, that work.

Just think to recompil this module if the Asterisk version will be changed.

Once installed, just add a TTS Engine in the FreePBX GUI.

You will see the Switf here too.


Also, you could make your cutom dialplan to use the TTS Engine directly.

Hoping that’s help you.

BTW, you must buy a prompt as well. Swift is only an engine.

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