Text-To-Speech Moved from Basic to Commercial Repository Causing Issues

We had text-to-speech installed on a system. We built a fairly large database and backed it up several days ago and then proceeded to do some more testing on our ‘test’ system. We wound up crashing the test system and thought ‘no big deal’ we’ll just reinstall the distro again and use a backup from a few days ago that we knew was tight (I realize now this is not a good idea in a beta system…don’t count on a backup restoring properly from a distro installed system a few days ago into a new fresh install of the ‘same’ distro). We downloaded the latest version of FreePBX yesterday and restored the older version 10 backup to find that the Text-To-Speech module was removed from the latest distro (in the as part of a ‘Basic’ module anyway). The problem I am having is there seems to be some residual code left over from the text-to-speech module in the system, due most likely to restoring a backup that had text-to-speech into a system that does not have text-to-speech.

The error I am seeing in the System Status page is:

Directory: A1 Assets Directory

Added 14 hours, 24 minutes ago

I checked the A1 Assets Directory and I am still receiving ‘Text-To-Speech’ as a drop-down menu option in the ‘Name Announcement’ field…though the Text-to-Speech module was not installed…SO THEN I installed the text-to-speech module from the ‘Commercial’ repository and I am still having the issues…

Any ideas?

That module was always in commercial and is used by Apt Reminder. The issue you are reporting seems to be something else and nothing to to with that module.

Are any of your A1 Directory’s destinations empty?

Moshe, thanks for the response. I checked and every destination has a valid entry. The issue is still reported in the FreePBX Notices on the System Status page. It does not seem to be causing any problems whatsoever, but I would prefer the system look as clean as possible…it just bugs me seeing it there every day. One more peculiar thing is that every time I check this error Notice on the System Status Page, I see ‘Added xx minutes ago’, where xx is the number of minutes ago the last ‘Apply Config’ was done, regardless of the application being updated. Any more ideas?..Dave

This was adressed in a recent upgrade to the module.