Text To Speech Engines

The Text to Speech Engines section has the message below. My question is where is the “text to speech page” that is mentioned? What can I do once the module is installed?


Text to Speech Engines

On this page you can manage text to speech engines on your system. When you add an engine you give it a name, and the full path to the engine on your system. After doing this the engine will be available on the text to speech page.

This is a Commercial Module and used with the Commercial Apt reminder module to manage your different TTS engines that you might have installed. When using the Apt Reminder module it lets you pick the engine to use for each Apt Reminder based on what you have in this module.

Ok - thanks so much for the quick response!

Wasn’t there a module at one point that generated recordings using text to speech engines for use in ivrs, etc? I thought I remember one that was quite simple, just generated the recording once and allowed the wav files to be pointed to by other modules like ivr

Thanks again!

Is there a module available that allows one to type in text and have it converted to a .wav file?


If you want to use Text to Speech in your dial plans that you could have a look at flite. I’ve used this and it seems to work reasonably well.