Templates not available in Endpoint Manager

I am trying to get suggestions for configuring or using comparable templates for 2 SIP gateways that we want to register with our FreePBX.

The gateways don’t have available templates in Endpoint Manager, and we wouldn’t need to enable autoprovisioning.

The 2 models are – Patton SN4171 and Tenor AXG2400. There is already a trunk configured on our FreePBX that goes to our SBC.

I found a template for Tenor AX gateways for Asterisk. Would I be able to import >> FreePBX? http://forums.asterisk.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=89398

EPM does not support these manufactures. EPM is about end points such as phones. Most gateways are used for trunking.

Thanks Tony! I was hopeful that there were some existing gateway templates to register directly with the FreePBX (or at least tweak-able).

All of the inbound and outbound calls get to the PSTN through a trunk going to our SBC.

Would it be necessary to create Inbound and Outbound trunks for each Tenor or Patton gateway?

I think that the only trunk that might need to be added is the Inbound Route – >> to Destination (SIP trunk to gateway), since all of the Outbound routes use the same SIP trunk. I will try to figure out a test plan, but was just wanting to see if anyone else likely might have run into this issue. Most specifically with Patton or Tenor.