Temparary Audio loss when a second call comes in

I am using pbxiaf on OpenVZ (32 bits)
I am using Grandstream GXW 4104 as Analog Gateway.
The freepbx setup

  1. extensions: 5000, 5001, 5002, 5003…

  2. Ring Group: 600 -> Extensions included -> 5000,5001,5002,5003 ->Destination if no answer:–> Voicemail for Extension 5000

  3. Inbound route -> Ring Group 600

Here is the problem
If I am on a call (say on extension 5000) and if there is another call (Ring Group 600 ->5000,5001,5002,5003 ringing), then I cannot hear the other party (The other party can hear me) till the voice mail for 5000 picks the call.

Strangely, I can make conference calls without a problem.

Please help!!!

Turns out that that the firmware I was using on Polycom Soundpoint 501 was old 2.2.2

I upgraded it to 3.1.1 Now everything is fine.