Telegram messenger

Hi developers!
I’d like to offer you add Telegram API into Superfecta to receive any notifications into Telegram. Also Telegram has powerful API to notify any steps of all calls, missed calls, callback, receiving call records as mp3 to listen inside of app. And much more. Thanks

I would like to see improvement for simple missed call notifications firstly.
Of course different notifications for calls that were direct or from a Queue/Ring Group.

I can show you how I am using Telegram Messenger for my FreePBX Distro.

Here is notifications before someone call me (Call from 74993462048 to 3474706006)
and after conversation (Call US2EraLim<16613804735> finish conversation with 940623… using trunk internal-00000021 at 14:33:34… conversation was 0 seconds

Hi Vladislav,

I really would like that interface you made your freepbx.

We use Telegram for intra company communication. A missed call notification your style would be greate!

Would you kindly explain how you integrated Telegram into FreePBX?