Dear Seniors,

I need info about how to configure Teleconference on FreePBX?
could any body please advise?

many thanks in advance


What version FreePBX and Asterisk? What OS?

FreePBX supports point to point video calls.

If you are speaking of point to multi-point FreePBX does not support it nor does Asterisk. Read the release notes for the conference module in Asterisk Beta 1.10. It looks like some MCU functionality will be included.

You are new here. On your next post please respect the volunteers that help out and provide more than a one sentence question. My employees don’t speak to me the way you did in your message and you don’t work for me.

In any software forum, especially an Open Source, you need to provide complete information, what you are trying to do, what you have done and what you are running.

The three what’s don’t make you an a**

Hello, thanks for your advises.

I am running FreePBX 2.9 (Asterisk 1.8.4), I am trying to configure TeleConference … I want any extensions on my branches would be able to communicate each other in a conference room and can see each other (like in a meeting room)…

I googled and found MeetMe… but not sure whether it’s what I’m looking for or not… and I did not know where to start and now I am learning how does it work and how to configure it…

hopefully, someone can give me a clue as a kick-off where should I start for learning this?..

many thanks in advance