Telecom Voicemail Notify Asterisk to Light up Phone

I have Asterisk working with some Cisco 7940g phones. I want to keep the voicemail service from my telephone company so that when the phone line is busy, people can still leave messages. I believe that I can get this to work properly. The part I need help with is having the light on one of the phones light up when I have a message. There is a different tone on my phone line when I have a voice mail so maybe there’s a way to detect that? Thanks in advance for any help!

If you are talking of FXO lines then adding (and adjusting)


in your dahdi configuration, might work.

I am using a Linksys SPA3102 to connect to my phone line, would that cause any problems?

I’m kind of confused, that looks like its about the CID. Am I missing something? Ill try to add those lines to my dahdi configuration and see what happens.

Your device does not use DAHDI it is a SIP device. Yes , the link was not very helpful, try enabling Message Waiting in the devices “Supplementary Service Settings”

I don’t have access to my equipment for a few days until I get back home. But I’ll post back as soon as I try it. Am I right to assume that enabling Message Waiting is only for the line connected directly to the phone?

Sorry I can’t answer that, if it sends message waiting signal over sip, then FreePBX would only set that on the 3102 extension. ou could perhaps write something custom to light another arbitrary extension, but I don’t think many here still use telco based VoiceMAil, the Asterisk one is so much more functional, come on join the 21st century :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve been trying every setting I can think of and have still been unable to get it to work. I wish I could switch to asterisk voice-mail but need for people to leave messages if the line is busy. Do you have any recommendations for a box similar to the SPA3102 that would allow me to access the MWI on the PSTN and forward it to the phone?

They would all behave the same way, you would need any button that showed the mwi state to subscribe to the ATA’s extension voicemail.

or if only one extension that needs to now, set the ata’s extension voicemail to that extension.

I only need one extension know that I have a message. Sorry, im not really following you, how would I subscribe to the ATA extensions voicemail?