Teamviewer installation?

is it possible to install teamviewer on freepbx? The reason I ask is some of our customers do not have VPN routers.

you would put team viewer on a local computer then SSH to FreePBX.

I thought you could install the linux version of team viewer?

That would require a GUI. No Asterisk server ( some would say no server) should have xserver or any window manager installed.

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You should have web access from the outside via port forwarding as well as ssh, all from the same ip or dynamic IP.
Not sure what value teamviewer would provide.

If you’re trying to protect the box depending on the router/firewall you can restrict IP’s allowed to access the box for those 2 services, I would also recommend restrictions for SIP.

I think that Teamviewer 11 can do a headless install that will access a Terminal screen. I haven’t tried though…

I use LogMeIn Hamachi to get around that issue. Works beautifully. For $49 you can set a network with up to 32 clients, or for $299 you can have unlimited networks if you manage a bunch of installations. Since it sets up a Hamachi Network adapter, I block all port 80 access to the box in IPTables and only allow Hamachi Traffic through, so it basically blocks all traffic from http unless you have Hamachi running. Works on Android as a client as well.

awesome. Thank you for the tips