TDM410P and FreePBX

hope you guys can help

i have an sme 7.4 centos server with freepbx/asterisk installed
my hardware is a digium tdm410p

i cannot make any outgoing calls or get any incoming calls
i’m a complete noob at this. i have read so many docs that now i don’t know what to do to get this animal working. i have xlite on my wiindowz boxes and they seem to work ok. i just cannot make any outgoing or get any incoming calls.

any help greatly appreciated

1ST ? is why sme? I googled it and got “The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of SME Server 7.4. This release is based on CentOS 4.7”

If you are really new, I’d suggest trying an ISO install of AsteriskNow, FonicaPABX or PBX in a Flash.

You get off to a better start that way.