TDM400P FXO port showing up as 'context=from-internal'


I have a (nearly)operational system using a TDM400P with a FXS module in port 1 and FXO modules in ports 2-4. My problem is that port #4 (FXO mod 3) is not answering calls.

I’ve run dahdi_genconf a number of times, but I still get the same results. When I enter a ‘dahdi show channels’, I get the following results:

pbx*CLI> dahdi show channels
Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret
pseudo default default
1 from-internal default
2 from-pstn default
3 from-pstn default
4 from-internal default

However, when I check out dahdi-channels.conf it shows that port #4 is configured with “context=from-pstn”. I’ve scoured through the /etc/asterisk directory looking for a clue, but I keep coming up empty. Has anyone else seen this?