TDA200 10 digit dialing problem

currently the central allows dials to 7, 12 and 13 digits. This will change in Mexico to only 7 and 10 digits, when I check the COS in all extensions is 1, however when dialing 10 digits the call is dropped, have to said that currently it is possible to dial using old and new ways of dialing, therefore something is not ready for this kind of dialing, can someone give an idea about what could be the problem.
or where can i change or add the new 10 digits dialing, the interace i have to acces the pbx is the Unified maintenace console.

Connectivity => Outbound Routes

thanks for your answer. the thing is that in the unified maintenance console, I can not find where these outbound Routes are or if there is a need of other kind of interface to be able to see these routes in a panasonic kx-tda200 pbx

This is a FreePBX specific support Forum , Some here are probably using Panasonics, no longer myself, sorry.

thanks a lot for your support. lets wait if someone knows something about it.

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