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I have been tasked with trying to setup a phone system for an alarm central station, and they want to use FreePBX. In order to use the monitoring/automation software, we need a TAPI Driver. How could I go about something like this? - If it’s difficult and requires lots of configuration, can we build a script to install it? And once installed, do we need a softphone, or something like that?

We’re trying to move away from 3CX…

TAPI for Asterisk (xtelsio.com)

Reading material:
The Asterisk TAPI project - VoIP-Info

Trying to set this up, I am getting;
`5910 [2023-11-14 22:32:52] NOTICE[672] acl.c: Manager User ACL: Rejecting ‘xxx.xxx.x.xxx’ due to a failure to pass ACL ‘(BASELINE)’

5911 [2023-11-14 22:32:52] NOTICE[672] manager.c: xxx.xxx.x.xxx failed to pass IP ACL as ‘tapi1’

5912 [2023-11-14 22:32:52] NOTICE[672] manager.c: xxx.xxx.x.xxx failed to authenticate as ‘tapi1’`

What are you setting up? xtelsio?

If yes, E-Mail: [email protected]

It looks as if you are having a problem with an access-control list (Access-control list - Wikipedia). You should have a look at acl.conf, or type “acl show” on the command line. Your syntax may differ, if some macros have not been called.

Now, It is registered, and connecting to freepbx. However, When I try to place a call though it, nothing happens. Nothing in the freepbx logs, no phone activity, nothing. There must be something that i’m doing wrong.

You’re sending a call to FreePBX, but not seeing the call reach the PBX full log?

If yes, check fail2ban and the PBX and network firewalls to ensure incoming attempts are not blocked.

Using the built in tool Phone Dialer app in Windows, utilizing the driver, the app tries to dial, and the driver responds, however, it is almost like the traffic isn’t hitting the server or that the server isn’t responding to or showing that it is receiving the call signal from the driver. A softphone on the same computer, works perfectly fine.

IS your network one that has all ports open? or could there be port blocking. You’d need to examine network traffic and see what’s happening to the traffic.

Years ago I’ve tried ActivaTSP (https://activa.sourceforge.net/). It was not updated in a while so I don’t know if Asterisk part would be up to date, but overall it is a sound piece of code.

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