Take more than one call at the time

I have an analog line and works perfectly with a GXW. My question is I usually receive one call I take it but if someone else calls I’m able to hear a beep which indicates I have another call how I can put the current call on hold and take the other call? is there any configuration on my pbx or has to be on the phone.
Thanks in advance.

If you have analog phones than a hook flash will swap calls, if you have voip phones enable call waiting and make sure you have more than on button on your account

It is a VOIP phone fanvil X3sp. Wht do you mean by on button on my account?

Sip phones can register to accounts with servers, most allow more than “one” (“on” was a typo) buttons to show calls, but you need to enable call-waiting on the extension, it likely all covered in the wiki linked at the top of this page, and the user manual that came with your phone.

I assume that you are talking on the analog line and you receive a second call on the same analog line (call waiting feature from POTS provider). If so, then you will somehow have to tell the GXW to send a flash. The manual at http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/gxw410x_usermanual_english.pdf shows a ‘Hookflash Duration’ parameter but there is no further documentation.

With luck, you could have some custom dialplan that calls SendDTMF, but my brief search attempts do not show success.

If your POTS line has ‘call forward on busy’, you could forward to a VoIP DID and answer that straightforwardly.

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