Tag Outbound Calls for Billing


I’m looking to tag outbound calls so that they can be associated with a specific client for billing purposes.

Example: We place an outbound call from the PBX on behalf of “Customer A”. How do we tag that call such that it can later be attributed to “Customer A” so we can bill them accordingly?


Use the Account code field on the extension making the call. It shows up in the CDR for outbound calls.

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Awesome, thanks! After looking into it further, I think that will do the trick.

I have one additional question. Is there a way to format a number to dial both the number and pin at the same time? Similar to a one-click Zoom link.


Where are you trying to dial it from?

In this moment, it would just be from a softphone. I would like to have the number formatted that an end user could click on or just copy and paste into their softphone dialer. That way they don’t need to dial a number and a pin separately.

For most softphones (just phones, for that matter) commas can be used to pause a dialing sequence. So if you initiate dialing to something like 18008008000,,,,,1000 this would dial that 11 digit number, then pause for 5 seconds (varies) then automatically input 1000 through DTMF.

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I really appreciate this information. Let me try to play with this and see where it gets me.

Thanks again. Cheers!

I was able to set a prefix via Connectivity > Outbound Routes and I’m now able to get calls routing down the appropriate route. Now, I just need to figure out how to append the account code to calls that go down the route.

Account Code would be applied for all outbound calls from that extension, so it wouldn’t apply to a specific outbound route only. Alternatively, you could do a CDR lookup for dialed numbers that start with your specific prefix

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Hmmmm Perhaps it would be better to just use the appropriate prefix for going down the specific route and then bill against the “Outbound CID” that is presented by that route?

Yeah if your CID is forced with that outbound route then you can run the lookup in CDR for that outbound CID.

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