T1 voice line (AT&T) how to set PRI

Greetings, (also x-posted in digium section)

I have a Digium TE121 card and a T1 8 channel service from AT&T. I cannot get the settings right in FreePBX. AT&T gave me settings for the circuit I cannot find in the setup options for FreePBX (x2.11, Asterisk 11, CentOS 6.3, updated).

AT&T gave me these settings:
We are sending (7) digits in-bound
This is provisioned for (8) call paths with (24) as the D-Channel
NI-2 signaling protocol, B8ZS line coding, ESF Framing, 5ESS switch type
You will take the clocking from us. We are the master and you are the slave.

I have the card set for 5ESS and B8SZ line coding.
I cannot find any settings for NI-2 signaling, ESF framing or who is handing clocking (???)

Can anyone tell me what settings in FreePBX equal the above described? Either in the DADHI config section of GUI or in a command-line config file?

Many thanks!!

Those are all settings that must be defined in the DAHDI config files.

The a look at the following link and use it just as a starting point, but be aware that you must use the info that AT&T provided about your particular service.


This is a pretty old version of FreePBX too, so you might want to give upgrading a thought. DAHDI management is included in the newer FreePBX versions.