T1 configuration help

I am using the “Digium - Wildcard TE133”. Currently, as this is going to replace another switch, there is no T1 connected. When I place a call to the outbound route that supports the trunk, it just rings. I was expecting congestion. Is there something in the DAHDI configuration that I did not do?

Who knows what you did and didn’t do, maybe if you posted that missing info, someone might have some constructive advice. (Still no mind readers here yet :slight_smile: )

Right, I mean what kind of a T1? Is it an ISDN PRI or some kind of channel associated signalling?

Did you try to connect a data T1 to a channelized voice adapter?

How could we possibly know with the scant information you provided.

DAHDI Config:
Framing/Coding: ESF/B8ZS
Channels: 23/24 (T1)
Signalling: PRI-CPE
Switchtype: National ISDN 2
Sync/Clock Source: 1
Line Build Out: 0 db
Pridialplan: National
Prilocaldialplan: National
Priexclusive: No
Receive Gain? 0.0
Transmit Gain? 0.0

Group Settings

Group: 0
Context: from-digital
Used Channels: 24 From: 1-23 Reserved: 24

Other DAHDI settings are default

For the outbound route,I set Optional Destination on Congestion to Normal Congestion.

with that configuration, in the abense of a d channel dahdi will not answer you must be getting ring back from something else. post a log

Thank you for the insight, I have an FXS cards and the ports were set to group 0 also, so it was placing a call on the first FXS port (nothing is hooked up presently). I changed the FXS group to 1. Would this cause any problems? I only have the T1 and FXS card in the system.

For very basic questions you should start by reading through the wiki a few times.