System upgrade and xmpp

after operating system upgrade xmpp was broken per dashboard and users.

to get xmpp working we installed per . so dashboard showed server running.

However users had to change this setting on their Thunderbird chat client 'Connection Security ’ had to be changed to ‘Allow sending the password unencrypted’ .

I like the idea of encrypting passwords - a lot of us use the same password multiple places.

Question - us there a freepbx screen to adjust xmpp settings?
If not I’ll look in to adjusting using cli.

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Thank you for freebpx.

FreePBX no longer uses prosody for XMPP, and instead the xmpp module should install Let’s Chat and it’s dependencies. Couple things to look at after updating the xmpp module in FreePBX, what does /var/log/asterisk/xmpp_error.log have in it and is mongod running?

installing Prosody RPM fixed xmpp issue here.

does ‘Let Chat’ = Prosody I wonder?

the systems that i had to do ‘yum -y install prosody’ already had xmpp installed. perhaps removing and installing xmpp would get a compatible chat program installed.

I did not answer your questions - here they are:

mongod is running:
mongodb 7192 1 0 Jun09 ? 00:09:03 /usr/bin/mongod --quiet -f /etc/mongodb.conf run

/var/log/asterisk/xmpp_error.log does not exist .

/var/log/asterisk/xmpp_err.log and xmpp_out.log do .

recent xmpp_err.log :

 2017-06-09 07:24 -04:00: Error: Could not connect to database
at NativeConnection.<anonymous> (/var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/app.js:192:11)
at NativeConnection.emit (events.js:104:17)
at NativeConnection.Object.defineProperty.set (/var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/node_modules/mongoose/lib/connection.js:117:12)
at null.<anonymous> (/var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/node_modules/mongoose/lib/drivers/node-mongodb-native/connection.js:154:23)
at emit (events.js:110:17)
at listener (/var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/node_modules/mongoose/node_modules/mongodb/lib/db.js:1706:14)
at emit (events.js:107:17)
at null.<anonymous> (/var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/node_modules/mongoose/node_modules/mongodb/lib/server.js:276:14)
at emit (events.js:107:17)
at null.<anonymous> (/var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/node_modules/mongoose/node_modules/mongodb/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/topologies/server.js:337:12)
at emit (events.js:107:17)
at null.<anonymous> (/var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/node_modules/mongoose/node_modules/mongodb/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/connection/pool.js:280:12)
at g (events.js:199:16)
at emit (events.js:110:17)
at Socket.<anonymous> (/var/www/html/admin/modules/xmpp/node/node_modules/lets-chat/node_modules/mongoose/node_modules/mongodb/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/connection/connection.js:201:12)
at Socket.g (events.js:199:16)
at Socket.emit (events.js:107:17)
at TCP.close (net.js:484:11)

2017-06-09 13:11 -04:00: Mongoose: mpromise (mongoose’s default promise library) is deprecated, plug in your own promise library instead: