System Update Progress - Suggestion

After awhile, these progress reassurances fail to do their job for me as they provide no substantial information on what the process is doing. This leads one to wonder if, in fact, everything is really as jolly as it wants you to believe.

I suggest adding some landmarks just in case we need to report any problems and to help put us at ease during a long update.

Also the situation where the script reports it is waiting because YUM has the locks does not suggest that it is a normal situation and, in my case, it went on for 30 minutes. That is long enough that one will think it is hung and possibly bail out, which is not a good idea apparently.



Although it’s available for you to upgrade the system through the GUI you should probably not do it

Sorry if you look at the code you’d realize this is simply not possible. The messages you don’t like are a result of waiting for output from yum itself. What else could I provide you if there is nothing to show you.

Then you should report that to Red Hat since yum is a product of theirs. Not everything is a FreePBX issue.

  1. If we “probably should not do it” maybe a note to that effect in the update module would be useful as otherwise, how would we discover why and how the preferred method would be.
    I am curious as to why you recommend not to use the module. {(>:}

  2. It would be good to display the yum instructions in the progress list as they are made so we can see that the ball has been passed to yum and also note the format of the request. I tried to look back at the progress window but couldn’t find the yum commands.

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I dont recommend it in this instance because as part of the updates httpd is updated. Which then if you are using the GUI it will break the upgrade in the GUI because it loses connection with Apache. Otherwise it’s fine.

There is one command that is run: yum upgrade -y

Oh, I thought since you guys had produced your own gen it might have been something different, or multiple commands.
My update has been running for two and a half hours, providing a steady stream of reassuring messages, so now I am faced with when to decide there is a problem.

go into the CLI of the system and see if yum is running or not. It’s probably not.

No. System would not load. Recovered disk image and updated via console which worked and was much easier on the nerves due to good progress display.

So, Update via module filed for me twice. Good to have backup image. Thanks for the tip.

But now, thanks to that post, I have “Still Alive” from Portal in my head.

You can tell that @xrobau is a fan of portal.

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