System Set up-HELP


I have installed asterisk on amazon cloud service.

I have the free pbx up and running with a few sip trunks and it works fine but i need a few additional things installed and configured.

I need call reports, Call recording, and fax module set up. It also does not email voice-mail.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.

I have asterisk on there i used on of the AMI images.

If anyone can get this done as well for me i am willing to pay you for your time.

I doubt you are going to get faxing working on a virtual machine and an old version of Asterisk that does not support faxing.

Normally I would recommend the FreePBX support services, I am not sure they will work on the Amazon Cloud based box.

What is an AMI image?

Why did you use such an old version of Asterisk?

What version of FreePBX?