System recordings

Most of the information I find when trying to find out how I replace the US voice prompts with my UK versions is quite out of date. I know that I can replace files in the default location (for example /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en) but during my searches some people suggest that this is not a good approach. I imagine this is because an asterisk update could overwrite the files.

Is there a recommended way of doing this apart from the above? Creating a custom language is apparently another way but this feels a little “clunky”. Maybe I am just being fussy.

Thanks in advance.

Hi as long as you use FPBX 13 or above just install the relevant language packs. go to “Admin” “sound languages” then once installed, set it as default or if multi language assign relevant langage to extension

We have UK US NL FR and DE(added as custom) systems happily running with relevent countries extension as their language


Hi Ian. Many thanks for your reply. That option completely passed me by… I will check it out. I presume that I can load my own files by just defining a new custom language.

You can.

Thanks for confirming.

Thats what we did for Germany and Sweden


The high quality files that I have are in .wav format and when I upload them I select only wav as the format to use. When I want to select the new language, I am offered the option to select a number of download formats but .wav is not in the list. I imagine that this is a fixed list, so does that mean that I am going to need to convert the sound files into one of the supported formats? I have other custom recordings that are in .wav format and they play just fine.

Wav is low quality in asterisk. Just so you know.

Also you speak of uploading. But then talk of downloading. The downloading part is from our servers. It has nothing to do with your files. You are using a custom language. When you select “wav” you are down sampling your files to 8khz

OK. I was not aware of that. Thanks for the confirmation. So what would yield the best quality recording?

With reference to uploading it is when I upload the high quality WAV files as part of creating the new custom language. Downloading is what is mentioned on the web UI when I select the new custom language.

That depends on the codec you are using on your phones.

sln48 is the highest but I dont know of any phones that support that as a codec. g722 is the wideband codec. Alaw and Ulaw are typical copper line codecs.

Thanks for taking the time to advise.

You are in the wrong area. There is no download for a custom language. If you are downloading you are downloading the sangoma UK sounds set from our servers.

What you are referencing says this in the help text “Formats (codecs) to download when installing a language pack”. Meaning those are the defaults you’d use if you were to download a language pack. But you aren’t. So it’s irrelevant

OK. Thanks.