System Recordings not working

Since the upgrade to version 13, the module System Recordings no longer works. All old recordings were taken with the new system and functioned. The update 13.0.5 of recordings, however, yesterday changed the directory structure of /var/lib/asterisk/ sounds that files were missing.

After updating to version 13 no old recordings can be modified or be created new. The upload does not work, files can not be selected and the recording by phone does not work either.

The module does nothing. I find nothing in the log files.

Perhaps you should duplicate your steps here as I am unable to replicate your issues

If I want to edit a migrated recording, I click on Admin -> System Recordings → Choose one from the list.

I would expect that to me now, the audio file is displayed and I can update it. However, I see nothing except the title and description.

When I click on “Browse”, I can select a new file, but it will not be uploaded.
When I put the file in the box to upload, nothing happens.

This seems like a javascript error. What browser are you using?

I have tested the module with Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. No one works…

Can you see if there are any javascript errors.

Looks like it’s a language issue. Can you lick config.php:2547. It’ll show you the offending line. Please paste it back here.

Can you copy and paste that line here so i can run it through a parser?

Cancel that. I see the issue. Stand by for a fix

Actually nevermind I am unable to fix this. You have a strange system recording that can’t turned back into json. Perhaps it has bad unicode or something on it I am not sure. I would have to have access to your system to figure it out.

I am having the exact same issue as the OP. This problem also occurs when using the direct * code access. The message will not be saved. In fact, when you press star to record, the system immediately beeps as if you are finished recording.
Looking in the en/custom directory on the server, shows that the existing file is being deleted.