System recording plays before *80 call and before connecting a Park pickup

System is alll modules up to date.

Installer created a system recording for an IVR use. When they use *80 to call a phone that recording is played and then the call is connected. The same is true when they go to pick up a parked call, the recording is played then the call is connected.

We could find no programming error. We deleted the recording and the IVR and the issue still remains. I looked in the /custom folder and the file is gone. Rebooting the system did not resolve the issue.

Has anyone seen this before???


Somehow the installer “Overwrote” the beep sound file with the greeting he was trying to make. Uploaded new beep files and all is well now.

Were they able to do that using just the GUI?

They do not have command line access, so must have been from th gui. But his method is odd. He creates a recording just enough to get a recording code and then calls in from a phone to record using the code. He could have grabbed the system file, renamed it in the gui and the re-recorded over it?

AFAIK you cannot overwrite system recordings from the GUI, only create new ones that end up in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom


That’s what I thought. These beep files (all 4or 5) of them had a creation date of yesterday at 15:52

I can repro

I was unable to find any previous reports so created a new ticket.

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Thanks Lorne

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