System Recording can't be done from extensions

I have a problem to record (system recording) from extensions.

My System detail:
Asterisk server: PiAF/FreePBX
ATA: LinkSys PAP2T (two analogue phones connected as extensions)
SIP Softphone: LinPhone (one softphone extension)
SIP Trunk provider: VOIP.MS

Everything working fine, both internal and external calls (outbound/inbound routing). Now I like to introduce an IVR menu for outside callers so that they could choose any one of the three extensions. I was trying to record my message (from FreePBX, System Recording -> Extension) by using *77. When I press *77 from any of the extensions, it starts with a beep, which I think the starting of the recording. After recording, I hangup. When I press (from the same extension) *99, it doesn’t accept this number (still plays dial tone) nor plays back the recorded message

Could you please let me know where is the problem ?

Thanks in advance


At the recording page, did you key in the extension that’s going to be recording before dialing *77?

Otherwise, go down to the log files and see what’s happening…could be permissions to folders and what not…

Finally, I found that my softphone extension is working for system recording, by pressing *99, NOT *77
I still don’t know why *77 is not working despite this is configured.