System Recording as MOH file?

I have a customer that wants to be able to change the MOH frequently. They aren’t very tech savvy, in that using a Mic and a recording software, then uploading is beyond their abilities. So, hence the question. Is there a way to record the MOH message in a System Recording and then moving it to the MOH to be played?


The short answer is “probably”. The how is the tricky part.

There are a couple of approaches I can think of. One would be to write a script that “somehow” copies the files from the System Recordings directory to the MOH directory.

Another would be to download the System Recording, then upload it into MOH. MOH isn’t really something that people change a lot, and most of the people I’ve worked with end up using SCP or SFTP to copy the MOH files they want to the directory I tell them. After that, getting the files into MOH is pretty much click-and-drool.

Thanks Dave,
I could probably setup a cron job to do it on a schedule. Move the system recording I mean. The other way I am not sure they could do it. I know I can pick some customers. Lol

You’re talking to a guy that still has a customer on a PIAF Silver (Asterisk 1.4) system. I know your pain.

Hey, if it ain’t broke … (and in this day and age not hacked or exposed). A physicians office, they are sometime the worst.

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