System Instability after PBXact 15 Upgrade

So on Tue evening, I upgraded our PBX to version 15 and moved Asterisk from 13 to 16. I then moved the existing extensions from chan_sip to pjsip.

The upgrade went smoothly and the next day saw no problems. Yesterday however has been a nightmare.

It started with calling issues. One user reported (and I was able to recreate) an issue where Asterisk was not responding to SIP requests quickly. sngrep showed that a device would send an invite 5 or 6 times before Asterisk replied to it. For our carrier, that was enough to be considered unresponsive and treated it as a downed system.

We restarted Asterisk a couple times and even rebooted the whole system, but the issue would return in 5-10 minutes after start up.

I figured since Asterisk was being slow to respond (and everything else including system resources looked normal), that it was something in Asterisk 16 that I had misunderstood or missed. So I downgraded the system to Asterisk 13 and ran into more instability in the form of phones refusing to stay registered. Two D80s (used by the Owner and VP) refused to register all together.

I thought I had found the issue with Asterisk 16 using some forum posts that indicated that the version switch script could sometimes leave old modules in that caused Asterisk to flip out. So I followed those instructions to remove all old modules and then install Asterisk 16.

So far the extensions are staying registered, but the D80s are still not registered.

I have three questions for you fine folks:

Whats a good method to track down this slow response if it happens again?

Are there any known issues that require a setting adjustment to keep Asterisk 16 working?

Is there a way to troubleshoot why the D80s are not configuring? I see them trying to send MESSAGE packets with certs, but Asterisk logs make it look like that Asterisk has no idea what to do with them and doesn’t respond. I do have the DPMA configured and licensed.


Can you try manually registering the D80s ?

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