System does not like the digit 4


I posted about a mis-dialing and did not get a response. I have more info so I will request the other post be closed.

Here’s the deal. I received a complaint (about 1 a day since the FreePBX was implemented) that calls were not going through. The all seem to be outbound calls.

After looking in the logs, it looks like it misses the digit ‘4’ on all of them.

I asked that if it happens again, they not use the phone the trouble was on and to let me know right away. I would check the redial log on the phone itself and it would have all the numbers but the log only showed 9 out of the 10 digits with one ‘4’ dropped (there may be multiple '4’s in the number but only one will be missing).

We only have analog phones hooked up to this otherwise fantastic system.

What a pain. Any ideas?

What are your DTMF settings on the TDM2400P?

Sounds like a level issue to me.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Pardon the n00b Q but how do I check that? I’m neck deep in the manual right now but if you have an idea of where I can look to find those settings, I’d love to hear it

Then who setup the 24 port analog card?

Have you read the Digium DAHDI manual?

Give it a read, try changing DTMF settings one at a time (don’t forget to do an amportal restart) then come back and ask questions on what did or didn’t work and thing you don’t understand.

Does this make sense? Playing 20 questions in the forum is not usually productive.

I set it up following the digium’s manual. I have read through that DAHDI telephony interface driver but the only reference I can see to DTMF is in the genconf parameters in regards to the echo cancelling card (I believe).

I appreciate your help and I am still new (100 hours in 1 project does not promote me past noob). Am I missing something? I cannot see much of anything to do with digital tone multiple frequency settings.