System crash - restore 2.9 t0 2.10

I know in the past it was not possible to restore an earlier version backup to a higher version point upgrade. Is that still the case with 2.10?

I have a FPBX 2.9 system that exploded, and need to restore the data, but the new .iso’s are all 2.10. Can I restore the 2.9 data to 2.10, and if not, can someone point me to a distro net installer for 2.9 (not the tarball).


You can not load a 2.9 backup on a 2.10 system. There is a link on the download page for older versions.

There is a link for 2.9, but it’s a tarball, not a distro package. I was hoping to avoid having to manually install all the prerequisites.

Otherwise, there are a few older distro packages, but the release numbers are not FPBX versions (e.g. 1.810.210.57). Are any of those packages 2.9?

Thanks again.

Ah - - found it with a little digging.

Thank you.