System changes

Is there a log of system changes, i.e. when numbers were added to a blacklist or when the endpoint manager was last changed? I have had some strange things happening to our pbx lately that neither I or my co-workers have made. Thank you for any help you can give!

There is no changelog in FreePBX. So you need to look through the actual system/server logs to see if there is something weird going on.


It won’t address your current problem but that would make a nice feature request…


For this I do not believe one needs to have access to the admin interface, you can add a number (or remove IIRC) to the blacklist using a feature code so just about anybody working for your company could have possibly done that…

Good luck and have a nice day!


You can blacklist numbers via *30 followed by the number you want to blacklist. So the Admin GUI is not the only way to blacklist numbers.

Meh, I read that other post wrong. So yeah, feature codes.

If your variious admin’s are required to use individual accounts , then a perusal of the https/apache access log(s) will show who went where and when, it won’t.say what they did there though