System Admin

Every time System Admin module is updated, the Advanced Setting to set
Enable Module Signature Checking = False
gets changed to True.
Is this working as intended ?
IF yes, it is mildly irritating.
Maybe there should be another switch, such as :
“Keep Advanced Settings beyond update/s = True” :wink:

System Admin shouldn’t do it, only Framework (and possibly core?) updates should do it. Can you check?

Edit: The way to check: Turn it off. Edit the module.xml in sysadmin and change the version number tag to something LOWER than it is. Then to go module admin -> check online. It’ll say an update is available and redownload.

Hey Rob
Greetings from .au, and thx for reply.
IIRC, this morning I updated a single module, SysAdmin.
Signature checking was reset from False to True, and I received the usual pinkness on System Status screen, and email warning.
Rather than me fiddle about under the hood with xml file, and risk breaking something, I’ll wait and confirm again next time SysAdmin module gets an update. Then report outcome.
(I’ve learnt to trust the FreePBX web gui, and leave internals well alone. That way, our phones keep doing what phones are supposed to do. Make and take calls.)

As far as it has been discussed around here, this is intentional - it (signature online checking) has been moved from being performed at every reload, to being performed at every online update (and reset of state to enabled AIUI is the way the dev’s want it). (there was a sizable thread here about this, Any way to disable module signature checking for an individual module?)

Yes, I’ve previously browsed the substantial thread referred above. Hopefully not missed anything relevant or important.
I’m singularly focussed upon the surprisingly aggressive reset to TRUE of
Enable Module Signature Checking = False
after each and every update of SysAdmin.
Maybe FreePBX does this for update of all/any modules ?
Still wondering whether that’s intentional, or accidental, behaviour. Very surprised if intentional.
If this IS working as intended, then maybe I need to consider a regular cron job to set the relevant tuple to FALSE.
Hopefully such undesired kludge will NOT be necessary.

OK I found another one [SOLVED] Why does Apply Config take forever with no internet access?, where it is extensively discussed why it’s triggered / and changed automatically to true / upon every check online / online update…

This is intentional and happens whenever a module is updated through module admin. The reasoning is simple. If we allowed a setting to turn it off forever then there would be no point of even having security signing as any vulnerability could just turn it off.

(I only want to mention that I /do/ agree with that)

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Wups, sorry, yes, my original statement was incorrect This is correct.

Yes, that will be the only way to achieve that. Or, don’t update your system.

I’m guessing the reason you want this is because you’ve made changes to a module. If there are changes you’re making to your system, why don’t you submit them back to the community so everyone can benefit from them?

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Along with that, as we have previously noted, we will allow you to turn it off or modify files using your own key without a distributed key using “root” as a master/owner at some later date. Probably when either @xrobau or I get on the plane to Orlando.

Very many thanks to all who contributed and replied.
Slightly embarrassing for me, since all this bother caused by a single almost trivial tweak to the code.
[In the asterisk phonebook, we prefer to have “Set Speed Dial = UNCHECKED” as the default. Just two characters added. :blush: ]
I respect your design decisions regarding security, and completely agree with comments above regarding contributing changes/mods back to the community.
While not seeking to “have the last word”, I’d be happy to have this thread closed anytime.