System Admin Pro - Provisioning Protocols will not Change

I have a new FreePBX system I am in getting ready to go. We have the Commercial EPM, Commercial Sys Admin, as well as others that are not relevant to the problem I am having.

During setup we are trying to change changes to the Provisioning Protocols page in the System Admin Pro however no matter what we try we cannot make any changes on the page.

We are stuck with FTP Disabled, TFTP Enabled, and HTTP(s) Authentication set to None.
If I change any setting and press save the page refreshes and is always back to the above settings.

Any ideas?

Had the same problem yesterday, put in a support ticket, they could not figure out the issue. I restored to a snapshot I had just taken(pre-yum update). I was able to then able change the protocols.

Ticket: #968771

Thanks for the heads up, I have a snapshot of the base install and just after I activated the commercial modules. Unfortunately I believe they were post updates, but I’ll give them a try nonetheless.


Unfortunately both my snapshots do the exact same thing.

I will have to wipe the VM and start fresh I guess.


downgrade sysadmin

I just now tried rolling back the Sysadmin module to the last version ( and it seems to work now.

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So if works, try this:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --tag

Thanks for reporting the issue, we have pushed the latest Sysadmin v5.0.16.24 and v14.0.38.25 with the fix.

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I reverted to my ‘newest’ snapshot and updated SysAdmin module and I can confirm the Provisioning Protocol page is now saving as expected.

Thanks for the quick update.

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