System admin pro email setup working?


I’m not sure if email setup of System AdminPro is workin correctly. It seems to work with it’s own smtp server, and not like a SMTP cliente. Is it correct? Why do I need hostname, origin and domain for STMP email sendings?Wouldn’t be easier to act like a normal STMP client? I’m not able to use my company email server to send notifications.


If you hover over the ‘?’ you’ll see the explanation for what all the fields are for. Most of the time, they can all be set to be exactly the same thing.

But I can’t get it working.

What values do you think I have to use to sen an email like [email protected]?

The email is always rejected. Can you show me an example please?


There will be a reason WHY it’s rejected in the rejection message. You should look into that. There’s no use trying to change things without knowing what needs to be changed.

I am also facing the same issue. How do we check why the emails are not being sent? Where can we find the logs? Appreciate it.

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