System Admin Pro (commerical module) (loosing activation)

Hi SangomaOS Team:

Is there a reason why a SangomaOS box will not “activate” when behind a restrictive firewall, but if that same box is not behind such a heavy firewall: the box activates every time?

I did not know port 443 (outbound) from the PBX needs to be available for activation?

I’ve not seen this until very recently (using the latest) SangomaOS .ISO

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The System Admin module is an optional module that gives you the ability to manage different Operating System level settings, such as Network Settings, HTTP and HTTPS Ports, Hostname, Email, and DNS settings, along with other useful features.

This module comes in 2 versions, a free version and a Pro (commercial) version.

This machine is not activated. The Free version of Sysadmin is only available to Activated machines.

For more information on the features of Sysadmin and Sysadmin Pro, please visit The FreePBX Wiki .

I understand the PBX “might” need outbound port 443 access to confirm commercial modules …

We have other PBX units behind firewalls with no outside Internet access, and they do not loose their activation.

The PBX has 25-year licenses, so why does activation need to happen?

If port 443 outbound access is required: Is there any IP whitelist for the SangomaOS side?

I’ve asked this before, and closed the post, but it is happening again.

The System Admin Pro module is not activated and thus the OpenVPN server service does not work as a result.

Thanks for any tips.

Ports used on your PBX - PBX Platforms - Documentation (

Allowed IPs for PBXact Upgrade - PBX Platforms - Documentation (


Very nice reply.

Thank you for those tips

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