System Admin Pro > Automatic Updates > Not Triggering

I have a license for System Admin Pro. I am able to manually trigger updates without issue, and I have configured a weekly schedule for automatic updates on both of my systems; or so I thought. Unfortunately, neither of them have ever automatically updated.

I followed the steps outlined in this wiki under the heading “Updating Automatically” (

Am I misunderstanding how this is to function? Is this designed to apply the updates automatically, or just to check for updates?

Log in as root and run:

crontab -l

You should see a cron task that does system updates, but you probably won’t. Ensure Systen Admin is up to date, and browse to Updates, resubmit the page with your update setting enabled, and then rerun the above command to confirm the cron task is now present.

Thanks. As speculated, the job was initially not present, and after re-submitting (with no selected changes), it is present.

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I have tried this fix for FreePBX 14 / SNG 7 and I don’t have anything populated in my crontab. I even checked the crontab for the asterisk user and theres nothing in there about module / system updates.

Someone else created a ticket for this issues here: