System admin module can not be Installed on Freepbx 16 custom installed on debian 10 by following the guide

I have installed freepbx 16 on debian 10 by following the guide provided by the freepbx wiki.

however I am unable to install system admin module.

Is there any way that we can install it.

Sysadmin requires the distro and cannot be installed on non-distro FreePBX installations.

I think sangoma should allow the free version to be installed with the custom installation.

Is there any fix for that? any work around ?

No there isn’t.

there are most of the other modules which depend on sysadmin.

To my knowledge, the only OSS module that works with sysadmin is the firewall module, and that also requires a distro installation. There are no other OSS modules that require sysadmin or cannot be installed on an OSS installation.

And every one is obfuscated, including 'sysadmin ', so you will never know what they can do and why that might not be ‘a good thing’ as recent events have shown :wink:



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