System Admin Missing ( Bug )

Hello All,

Installed a new net distro this week and was setting up the system. At some point I was looking for the system admin settings but wasn’t seeing it anywhere on the menus, I navigated through every menu and knew something was missing.
I signed onto another box with FreePBX and found system admin so I went to module admin, checked basic, extended & unsupported did an online check and no matter what I do I never see the option to install/download the module.

I know it’s possible for me to install the module from my computer but I’m not sure where to download it and I believe this is a bug.

It would be helpful if you told us exactly what Distro version you installed.

Installed from latest ISO, sorry assumed by saying new install that would associate the latest. Also if you have an older install since they are net installs, I know it grabs the latest of everything online.
Running Distro:

FYI I also added admin/config.php?display=sysadmin to the end of the server URL to check if the module was installed with no luck.


The reason we ask specifically for what versions you install is two fold.

  1. I want to know exactly what you installed and how you installed it.

  2. If someone reads this post 6 months from now the will not know what version was having the problem.

BTW. The latest distro install is Stable-1.813.210.58, so you can see why we requst exact install version.

Please explain so I have a better understanding.
If I download an ISO from this week or last month etc, and I install from that image, the “net” aspect goes out and grabs the latest install files.

Once it’s installed and I run module admin and update to the most recent modules It should be current right?

When I execute cat /etc/asterisk/freepbxdistro-version I should see the same version either way because it’s updated to the most current version OR is that the version of the distro that was used to install regardldess if your running the latest of everything?



There are different distro versions which use different versions of Centos, Asterisk and FreePBX. Updating the FreePBX modules from module admin only updates the FreePBX modules, it does not upgrade Centos or Asterisk. To upgrade to the latest distro you need to run the scripts which you can obtain from this site at

Also, the FreePBX distro project is a separate project from the FreePBX GUI project.

The FreePBX distro project provides a soup to nuts install of the LAMPA stack which includes all the parts you need for a fully functioning PBX. This is very easy to do since all you do is pop in the disk and boot. The disk has all the dependencies included.

The FreePBX GUI project is just the GUI which can be manually installed on a system which you have already install an OS, Asterisk and all the other tools needed like DAHDI, mySQL, etc. This is much more difficult to do because you have to make sure you have all the required dependencies installed.

Understood, thanks for the excellent explanation.

I will upgrade the other side of it with scripts, however I still have the no sysadmin problem, any ideas?