System Admin functions not working on new FreePBX install on NUK

I have FreePBX (FreePBX 12, Asterisk Ver. 11.16.0) install on an Intel NUC. Everything seems to be running fine except it does not seem to be allowing me to perform any System Admin functions (reboots, etc). These areas are not greyed out, they just don’t perform the tasks when I execute them (gives me standard warning prompts such as “are you sure you want to reboot:” type prompts, etc)
Anyone seen this or know whats going on?

Problem solved, updated FreePBX firmware from 6.12.65-26 to 6.12.65-30 and everything in System Admin is working great now! Probably a driver update or something was causing the issue on the NUC?

I’ve used the NUC in for a few different FreePBX instances and never ran across this issue - sounds like you found a bizarre one!