Sysadmin RPM not up to date

Hi Guys!,

Anyone here experience this error when installing System Admin on FreePBX 16 with OS Centos 7.9

Need help please to fix this issue.

Are you installing OSS FreePBX? Sysadmin is a commercial module and not supported on OSS installs.

Want to install Sysadmin so I can activate my FreePBX then install also the System Firewall.

But if you didn’t install FreePBX using the official ISO then you can’t use SysAdmin Pro or the Firewall module.

Shouldn’t be able to use the free version either


@rsmithuk @adell4444 I want to install it on AWS Cloud and seems it is not possible to install it using ISO, so I go with command line installation. I just used this instruction below.

that wont work, as yet you can only get commercial modules by installing SNG7, apparently soon to be replaced by Debian.

If you’re using AWS I recommend the AMI from @TheWebMachine. It has commercial module support.

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Another option for AWS is to create your own VM first and then import your own custom AMI image to spin up a EC2 instance from.

Or of course use a more amenable VM :wink:

Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

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