Sysadmin Pro question

Hi chaps

Does the scheduled update feature of the Sysadmin Pro module update all the upgradeable modules or just the Freepbx and asterisk versions?


AFAIK FreePBX SysAdmin Pro module enables both FreePBX Distro minor release revision updates (e.g. FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-[n] to 5.211.65-[n+1]) and FreePBX Distro major track number upgrades (e.g. from FreePBX Distro 4.211.64-[n] to 5.211.65-[m]): during each type of FreePBX Distro update any (installed) FreePBX Module will receive an update (if that update is logically available, thing that happens often but not always).

As reference have a look at “Stage 1” section into any upgrade shell script: there you will find a section with “Upgrade All FreePBX GUI Modules” sentence.

I don’t know if you asked that for the same cause I did few days ago (when I discovered that the upgrade from Track 4 to Track 5 was automatically processed on my system; my schedule was enabled but I never had the occasion to see it running BEFORE my manual updates/upgrades).

Just as reference I tried (especially after comment n°13 when things begun to be clearer to me) to foster (badly?) a discussion about the ways FreePBX SysAdmin Pro module actually manages (discovering it really doesn’t):

(1) e-Mail notifications (not about new “FreePBX GUI Modules”, notification which yet happens if configured)


(2) the separation between “inter-Track updates” from “intra-Track upgrades”.

Hope it could be an interesting exchange of opinions to read.

In the meantime I opened two (n°63 and n°64) FreePBX Distro Feature Requests.