SysAdmin Pro Free with Appliances?

I have a few of these appliances running around, not had this happen before, and the company that I work for just purchased 14 new appliance boxes to replace all the PBX’s nationwide. When I try and get the SysAdmin Pro module it prompts me to pay for it. Since I am working on programming only the 1st one I do not want to have to repeat this over and over so hopefully someone can shed some light on my error before I go thru this 13 more times.

So since I am relatively sure that I had to have done something wrong I will take whatever beatings the community needs to dish out. :smiley:

I would open a support ticket on it. Commercial module licensing is handled by support.

OK so a few rants:

  1. When registering a FreePBX Appliance you have to go into the portal first and “claim” the serial number back from the company you bought it from (In my case a Sangoma owned reseller). It doesn’t get pulled in when you fire it up and REGISTER it. Thus it becomes easy to have an account full of deployment IDs when have purchased a ton of appliances.

  2. General complaint and this applies to MANY hardware vendors - PEOPLE STOP PUTTING SERIAL NUMBER AND INFO LABELS ON THE BOTTOM OF EQUIPMENT THAT IS DEISGNED TO BE RACK MOUNTED. Why cant hardware manufactures just place the same sticker on the back of the unit so you dont have to uninstall to read a freaking label. :smiley:

  3. This one is for Sangoma - Why in the heck would you place that label, you know the one we spoke about above in rant 2, on top of the peel away plastic so that when you remove the film away goes your hardware information?

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