SysAdmin install failing with bad link

Trying to install sysadmin module on V13.0.192 but it is failing with error opening for reading

The link appears to be bad - any ideas?


Php 5.4 is not supported by any commercial modules.

Ok but 5.4 was installed( upgraded?) from the prompts given by FreePBX to install two dependencies when trying to install SysAdmin - there was no decision by me to choose 5.4 - I just followed the instructions.


Hi Bill,

You are not installing this on a FreePBX distro, right?

(Commercial modules are only officially supported on the FreePBX distro by the way, see .)

If you are not installing it on the FreePBX distro then you have to make sure an unsupported version of PHP is not installed by the distro you are using…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Ok - I have switched to the Distro to keep things simple



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