Syntax Error

Free PBX 2.11
Asterisk 11.24

Suddenly i m receiving these errors.

[2017-03-14 16:13:51] WARNING[3731][C-000301c6]: ast_expr2.fl:470 ast_yyerror: ast_yyerror():  syntax error: syntax error, unexpected '>', expecting $end; Input:
 > 2
[2017-03-14 16:13:51] WARNING[3731][C-000301c6]: ast_expr2.fl:474 ast_yyerror: If you have questions, please refer to

Any idea what’s wrong with that.
Which configuration file should check ?

warning is OK.

I don’t know which file it might be, but running XML Lint on it might help you identify the problem.

Yeh some days ago i connect some Cisco IP Phones (7942G). and cisco upload configuration from XML files.Let me dig my XML conf files.
Many thanks for your help :+1:

Issue Resolved :slight_smile:
Thanks for guide me direction “Dave Burgess” :bouquet: