Syntax Error with JABBERStatus in Dial Plan

I’m having a problem using Asterisk 11 with recognising the xmpp status of a user in my dialplan. There something wrong with the syntax of the following line:
exten => 9999,n,ExecIf($["${MYSTATUS}" < “6”]?JABBERSend(xmpp_account,[email protected], Call from “${CALLERID(name)}” at number <${CALLERID(num)}> on ${STRFTIME(,GMT0BST,%A %B %d %G at%l:%M:%S %p)});

After much Googling and trial and error I don’t seem to be able to get it right. CLI reports the following error:

res_xmpp.c:1559 xmpp_status_exec: Resource ‘(null)’ of buddy ‘[email protected]’ was not found

Note: the JID in the above code snippet is not the real JID.

The rest of my dial plan works in that I am sending above message but the ExecIf is not finding the JABBERStatus of the defined user.

Can anyone spot the syntax error?

No takers ?
This must be a difficult one as I’ve posted this on a few relevant forums and not had a single reply so far?