Synology Active Backup for Business


I was wondering if anybody here knew of any documentation for the Synology Active Backup for Business module? I have tried setting this up, but the backup always fails with 0xfffffffffffffffe. This error code relates to the snapshot driver not being installed correctly. I can’t seem to find any info on this module and was wondering if anybody here has got it working?


So we use ABB extensively in our server environments but mostly for Windows server and file share backups.

We typically aren’t trying to load it to PBX that we install because of how good the builtin backup for FreePBX is. Those backups are much smaller/faster and the restore is just a matter of reloading to a fresh install that you can create a generic template for.

All that to say, it wasn’t worth the effort to get ABB to work on the FreePBX appliances because of all the other upsides with alternative backup methods.

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