Switching SIP Channel Driver from chan_sip to both causes error 1

I am trying to set up pjsip with a FreePBX 12 system. To that end, I am changing SIP Channel Driver in Advanced Settings from “chan_sip” to “both”. The change saves in advanced settings but errors out on applying the change. Reversing back to chan_sip does reload successfully.

Can anyone give me a clue as to where to look on this one? I would surely appreciate it.

I wouldn’t bother. It will work, but strong PJSIP support in FreePBX starts in ver. 13.

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Thank you for that. How likely is it that asterisk-version-switch will succeed? Should I be switching to 11 or beyond? I plan on using PBX Updater module after switching up asterisk. How likely is success with this plan?


Pick any version highlighted in green!


You need Asterisk version higher than 11 in order to use PJSIP. But I wouldn’t advise doing anything major to a 12 system, it’s long past end of life. Restore a backup to a new 15 install and start there with Asterisk 16, FreePBX 15.

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