Switching SIP Channel Driver from chan_sip to both causes error 1

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I am trying to set up pjsip with a FreePBX 12 system. To that end, I am changing SIP Channel Driver in Advanced Settings from “chan_sip” to “both”. The change saves in advanced settings but errors out on applying the change. Reversing back to chan_sip does reload successfully.

Can anyone give me a clue as to where to look on this one? I would surely appreciate it.

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I wouldn’t bother. It will work, but strong PJSIP support in FreePBX starts in ver. 13.

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Thank you for that. How likely is it that asterisk-version-switch will succeed? Should I be switching to 11 or beyond? I plan on using PBX Updater module after switching up asterisk. How likely is success with this plan?



Pick any version highlighted in green!

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You need Asterisk version higher than 11 in order to use PJSIP. But I wouldn’t advise doing anything major to a 12 system, it’s long past end of life. Restore a backup to a new 15 install and start there with Asterisk 16, FreePBX 15.

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