Switching releases in development system not working

I’ve been trying to switch to the v17 repos to try and get some things done that have been stalled for the entire year of 2023 (yup, not a single thing done based on what I’ve seen). My current system is setup for FreePBX 16 but I can’t seem to switch to any other release per the documentation.

/usr/src/devtools/freepbx_git.php -m ivr --switch=release/17.0 << Does nothing. It claims to pull things but when I do the install, it runs but I’m still on the same exact version I started with (16.0.8). Even if I try /usr/src/devtools/freepbx_git.php -m ivr --switch=release/15.0 the result is the same, I’m still on 16.0.8.

So far the only way I’ve been able to move a module to its v17 version was to completely delete the directory and files of the module then run the aforementioned command and install. I then end up on the v17 version.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why I can’t simply change versions for any or all modules?

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